Choose Your Influencer Wisely

gay chat port macquarie Influencer marketing is all the rage with the rise of social media. You no longer need to hire celebrities or athletes to represent your brand, marketers now have a multitude of people who solid media following to help influence your target audience. When considering who to bring on board, you need to consider a couple criteria. You may be enticed to partner with an influencer with a large number of media followers, but this can easily be a trap. Instead of followers, focus on engagement metrics. Make sure the influencer has strong likes and comments on their posts, this shows that their followers truly follow along and care about what their post. Secondly, choose an influencer that can naturally and organically reflect your brand’s message. If you are trying to market an all-natural-organic product, choose an influencer that already follows this type of lifestyle and personally matches your core values. This will create an great partnership that will yield genuine results.

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