The Golden Circle Rule of Success

http://respire.localoco.net/3186-dtgf89615-envoyer-message-vocal-snapchat.html TED Talks are all the rage, so you’ve probably run into Simon Sinek’s talk about “Start With Why”. It touches on the key reasons how some companies succeed in their industries and become household names. Simon’s simplifies it by guiding you through the Golden Circle that outlines process to success. First, you start with you “why”. Why do you want to start your business? Why is a company needed in the world? Identifying the true motivator and mission of the company will be the compass that leads you through good and bad times. Then, you continue to “how”. How will you achieve your core belief and stay in line with your “why”? Lastly, is the “what”. What are the steps you will take to meet the “how”. Listing realistic and achievable goals will keep you focused on the big picture and ensure your company’s success.

Consider these simple rules when reflecting on your company’s future success and goals.

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